Near infrared low‐level laser therapy and cell proliferation: The emerging role of redox sensitive signal transduction pathways

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Lasers devices are widely used in various medical fields (eg, surgery, dermatology, dentistry, rehabilitative medicine, etc.) for different applications, ranging from surgical ablation of tissues to biostimulation and pain relief. Laser is an electromagnetic radiation, which effects on biological tissues strongly depends on a number of physical parameters. Laser wavelength, energy output, irradiation time and modality, temperature and tissue penetration properties have to be set up according to the clinical target tissue and the desired effect. A less than optimal operational settings, in fact, could result in a null or even lethal effect. 

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Original Article Source Credits:   Wiley Online Library ,

Article Written By:  Mario Migliario, Maurizio Sabbatini, Carmen Mortellaro, Filippo Renò

Original Article Posted on:  02 May 2018

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