Red Light Interferes in UVA-Induced Photoaging of Human Skin Fibroblast Cells

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The possible regulation mechanism of red light was determined to discover how to retard UVA-induced skin photoaging. Human skin fibroblasts were cultured and irradiated with different doses of UVA, thus creating a photoaging model. Fibroblasts were also exposed to a subtoxic dose of UVA combined with a red light-emitting diode (LED) for five continuous days. Three groups were examined: control, UVA and UVA plus red light. Cumulative exposure doses of UVA were 25 J cm−2, and the total doses of red light were 0.18 J cm−2

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Original Article Source Credits:    Wiley Online Library ,

Article Written By:  Tianhui Niu,Yan Tian,Qu Ren,Lizhao Wei,Xiaoxin Li,Qing Cai

Original Article Posted on:  12 July 2014

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