Intense Pulsed Light on skin rejuvenation: a systematic review

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Aged skin is characterized by appearance of wrinkles, vascular lesions, hyperpigmentation, lentignes, texture, rhytides, and pores. These changes occur under the influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, as hormone alterations and exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) irradiation, respectively. Skin changes associated with aging have been assuming an important role in nowadays and bring to affect the quality of life. Intense Pulsed Light (ILP) is a noncollimated, polychromatic, and noncoherent non-surgical cosmetic therapy to skin rejuvenation.

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Article Written By:  Abdias Fernando Simon Sales, Isabella Liba Pandolfo, Matheus de Almeida Cruz, Julia Risso Parisi, Lívia Assis Garcia, Cintia Cristina Santi Martignago, Ana Cláudia Muniz Renno & Patricia Gabrielli Vassão

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