Cutaneous lymphocyte antigen-positive T lymphocytes preferentially migrate to the skin but not to the joint in psoriatic arthritis

Author: External Author | | Categories: Skin Therapist

 To investigate whether T cell migration into different sites of inflammation (skin and synovium) within the same individual is principally regulated by tissue-specific homing or by more general mechanisms related to inflammation.

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Original Article Source Credits:   Wiley Online Library ,

Article Written By:  Costantino Pitzalis MD, PhD, MRCP,Alberto Cauli MD,Nicolo Pipitone MD,Catherine Smith MD, MRCP,Jonathan Barker MD, MRCP,Antonio Marchesoni MD,Ghada Yanni MD, MRCPI, Gabriel S. Panayi ScD, MD, FRCP

Original Article Posted on:  January 1996

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