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In our fast-paced lifestyles, looking busy has become the norm. Playing multiple roles every day can take its toll on everyone. Here is where a spa visit comes into play. You may think it is a costly experience but research shows that it can actually benefit your health, both mentally and physically. It is also incredibly great for grooming and looking your best in order to keep up appearances among your clients, colleagues, and friends.

The skincare experts at Medi Spa La Bella know how to help you de-stress, stay healthy and keep you fresh by bringing you the first-ever infrared/red light, radiofrequency, and vacuum suction twenty-four karat gold collagen facial therapy treatment. A luxurious and lifting experience.

The gold facial rejuvenates your skin and makes it much healthier and more youthful. It gives your complexion a natural, beautiful glow. It is antibacterial, so it can help combat the presence of pimples and acne. It works wonders by diminishing sun-damaged skin and even scars present on your face. It boosts lymphatic drainage and increases/ improves blood circulation.

It helps eliminate oily and dry skin. It enhances the production of elastin and collagen to increase the speed of cell renewal. It draws out unwanted toxins in your skin and can brighten your face and have a lovely lightening effect by eliminating dullness and uneven texture. It provides oxygen to the skin to combat fatigue. It has anti-aging properties that help eliminate wrinkles, lines, and signs of stress. “GOLD --- what can it not do, and undo? -William Shakespeare.

The Gold facial is beneficial to anyone and everyone who values their health and self wellness. Anyone who recognizes the importance of looking their best and being the healthiest and most beautiful versions of themselves will take advantage of this amazing service. Everyone has a burning desire to be warmly received by people based on their appearance.

Nobody wants to be regarded as looking older or not as healthy looking as they once were. For this reason, Gold Facials have become and are the most popular growing fad in skincare but Medi Spa La Bella is the first to add Gold to a state of the art facial treatment that also utilizes four other state of the art revolutionary skincare therapies. Be the first to experience the most advanced state of the art gold facial known to mankind, only available at Medi Spa La Bella!

Steps to this procedure:

And in case the gold facial isn’t for you, we also have state of the art facial procedures available with rose, cucumber, pumpkin enzyme, collagen bubble, and mud masks.

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This state of the art and innovative gold facial procedure offers a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. We offer services such as various facial treatments, body treatments, etc.

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