Beat the Heat With Medi Spa La Bella’s Ice Facial Bath

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There’s a massive heatwave currently bearing down on us in Vancouver, Richmond and The Lower mainland and we’re facing record-breaking temperatures. Unfortunately, rising temperatures, heat waves, and sore skin usually go hand in hand. To help you beat the heat, stay cool and rejuvenate your skin, we have come up with the perfect solution that you can use from the comfort of your home. 

Here is what you need to do:

1. Get a wide bowl

Locate or find a bowl with a circumference large enough to place your face into and deep enough to submerge your entire face, preferably with a bit of room to spare. That way, it doesn’t overflow.

2. Add some ice

Fill the bowl with a fair amount of ice or at least one tray of ice cubes.

Beat the Heat With Medi Spa

3. Fill it up

Then top off the bowl with chilled or ice-cold water.

4. Experiment with additions

You can also add a few cucumber slices or a dash of rosewater or milk or throw in some green tea or aloe vera. Everyone is different, so feel free to experiment with varying combinations to see what feels best and has the best effect for you. The only mandatory ingredients for this facial are cold water and ice cubes.

Beat the Heat With Medi Spa

5. Take a dunk

Once the bowl is filled with the cooling requirements, dunk your face into the water, and submerge your face. Try and stay parallel to the water to prevent water from going up your nose. Some people enjoy the feeling of the cold refreshing water right away, but often the ice facial is an acquired taste that becomes more refreshing as you become accustomed to it.

Beat the Heat With Medi Spa

Gwendolen taking Adriana’s skin wellness advice and trying her first cucumber ice facial

6. Dunk and repeat

Dunk your face for ten-second then rest. Then repeat this process six times to complete your one-minute ice facial.

Beat the Heat With Medi Spa

Benefits of the Medi Spa La Bella’s Ice Facial Bath

Besides cooling you down when it’s too hot, this facial is also a great way to wake you up if you are tired. The cold water decreases any unwanted swelling or puffiness of the face. It helps settle or soothe any inflammation, redness, or acne. Performing this facial regularly also prevents wrinkles and improves circulation, tone, and texture, giving your skin a better glow and a brightened complexion.

Applying ice cold water to the face helps tighten your skin and shrinks open pores. If you wear makeup, performing this facial will provide smoother results and ensure that your makeup lasts much longer. If you don’t use makeup, it will provide a refreshing natural look.

Beat the Heat With Medi Spa

How often should you do an ice facial

You can do an ice facial any time, but we would recommend that you limit it to once a day. However, if you want to do it more than once, ensure substantial time is maintained before you do it again. If you experience any longer than usual numbness, stop right away! Avoid doing the one-minute ice facial if you suffer from Sinusitis and or Meningitis. If you have any health issues or conditions and questions regarding whether it is fit for you, please consult your family doctor before attempting this.

Check out the video below to learn where the inspiration came from for the #MediSpaLaBellaIceFacialBath 7 day challenge

This facial care method was originally made famous by Joan Crawford, shown in the movie Mommy Dearest.

Here are the full Facebook live videos of Jonathan Overton, Adriana Czech’s assistant from Medi Spa La Bella, trying his first ever #MediSpaLaBellaIceFacialBath 7 Day Challenge:

La Bella 7 Days Challenge

Try the Medi Spa La Bella Ice Facial Bath 7 Day Challenge:

  1. Take a before picture
  2. Tag a friend and use the #MediSpaLaBellaIceFacialBath in a live broadcast on the social media platform of your choice
  3. Hit play and do the Medi Spa La Bella ice facial bath

Do steps 2 & 3, a total of 7 days in a row on a live social media channel

Make sure to tag someone different that you challenge in each of the 7 live video’s you do with the #MediSpaLaBellaIceFacialBath

  1. Take an after picture and post your results with the #MediSpaLaBellaIceFacialBath

Did Mr. La Bella Beat The Heat w/ #MediSpaLaBellaIceFacialBath 7 Day Challenge?

7 Day Challenge


  1. 1st Pic Day 7 = He BEAT the HEAT
  2. 2nd Pic Day 1 = He Got Beat By The Heat

Try our #MediSpaLaBellaIceFacialBath 7 Day Challenge on Tik Tok like Natalie & Alain!

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